Cognitive and Emotional Assessment

For what?

The Cognitive and Emotional Assessment is an innovative tool, which allows you to quickly and in a fun and powerful way access keys to reading your functioning in uncertain and unpredictable situations.

  • Flexibility in the face of change
  • Innovation potential
  • Decision making in uncertainty
  • Collaboration and onboarding
  • Emotional regulation and stress management

What An-Dante’s customers are saying

  • during the Virtual Reality experience : “very pleasant”, “an interesting immersive experience”, “I am not used to playing with a controller”, “I saw my reactions to stressful situations”, “it allowed me to approach meditation in an interesting way”, “It was too short! I’m not a player I was almost frustrated not to continue”…
  • at the end of the debrief : “it was very useful to link data to my concrete situations”, “I better understand my operation modes”, “sharing in context in an interactive way is very interesting”, “it gives analytical consistency to what I feel”…
  • Video testimonial of the Revue Fiduciaire Group


The Cognitive & Emotional Assessment is a diagnostic tool at the beginning of a coaching, which allows you to quickly access information about your cognitive, emotional and social skills. Three areas of essential skills that allow you to navigate your professional life. 

During the restitution with your coach, you will discover or clarify your strengths, and co-build the axes of development of the capacities useful to your project, or your coaching objectives.

The following coaching sessions allow you to implement and anchor the changes resulting from these development axes.


The Cognitive & Emotional Assessment is delivered by the certified coach during a 2-hour restitution session. The document complies all the parameters of the competency model defined by World Health Organization. During the debrief, coach and coachee link the results and the situation of the coachee as well as their coaching objectives.


An innovative tool, the Cognitive & Emotional Assessment presents two ways of access, which make it unique today:

  • Cognitive : what you know you do, how you operate…, measured by questions
  • Physiological : your body’s reactions, measured by moisture sensors in the skin, your pulse, your breathing, during the Virtual Reality experience

Steps of the Cognitive and Emotional Assessment

The assessment consists of different phases:

  1. an online questionnaire -20 minutes-
  2. a virtual reality experience -40 minutes-
  3. a restitution -2h-
  4. it is followed by coaching sessions, in order to refine the links between the results, the situation experienced and your coaching objectives

How does the Virtual Reality experience take place?

VR makes it possible to stimulate the brain in different modes – concentration and relaxation, stimulation by playful situation, to measure its characteristics.
Its restitution with the coach makes it possible to transfer these measures into useful learning in your professional life, according to the objectives of evolution that you set for yourself.
The different modes of stimulation are in particular those of the confrontation with the novelty and the intense situations -overload, difficulty, pressure, stress …-, as well as the modes of recovery.

  • Cardiac coherence: measurement of the ability to enter into coherence, relax, modulate breathing
  • Space Stress: It also measures the level of attention (selection of relevant information), inhibition (occultation of irrelevant information) and flexibility (ability to switch from one action to another).
  • Sonification: ability to relax, openness to oneself, listening to one’s body

Scientific foundations

Current issues

The challenge of chronic stress is now major.
Understanding one’s personal mode of functioning and accessing one’s abilities to return homeostasis balance is essential. In particular to preserve his health and his immune system, cadiovascular, inflammatory, but also his cognitive abilities, at the source of complex decision-making, daily lot of Leaders -leaders, managers …-. 

Stress prevention equips individuals and teams with the means of understanding and action, and thus contributes to the prevention of burnout, burnout , turnover.

OpenMind Neurotechnologies is a French startup, which develops a new generation of scientific tools, to accelerate the human development of talents. OpenMind Neurotechnologies has set up a certification process for coaches duly authorized to use its tools.