Resilience Mapping

Resilience Mapping can meet certain coaching objectives, examples of which are given below.


It makes it possible to make a point on :

  • levels of well-being and motivation
  • the levers of action, in the management of emotions, risk-taking, tolerance to uncertainty.  

This data measured individually, and for a team, is compiled into a Group Mapping, which gives visibility on the state of the team and allows you to co-build avenues for reflection and action on strategies in the face of your development objectives and current challenges.


Resilience Mapping, happens individually online via serious questions and games. Two types of situations that stimulate the brain and measure data – thoughts and actions. The test lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

Scientific foundations

We have, as human beings, basic needs.

Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are signals of what is happening between these needs and our reality.

OpenMind Neurotechnologies has developed resilience mapping, building on the most recent neuro-scientific foundations and 5 years of research and development.