You are in charge of a team, and you see that it could work better, that you could gain time and efficiency by improving relationships within the team, that everyone finds his place and completely plays his role, work with other entities, develops his full potential, either in the pleasure of the complementarity of individual actions and collective work, that the team mobilize its collective intelligence to find solutions to the challenges and changes it faces.

Collective coaching themes

Distances: geographical, cultural, profession…

  • Working remotely : a daily challenge – teams spread around the world, subject to teleworking… –
  • Working between different cultural entities
  • Work with different expertise : technical, commercial, finance…


  • Onboard and align a team with new goals to gain efficiency and performance
  • Fast-growing company, Startup, how to align humanly, to cope with the growth of the business
  • After a merger of services or integrations of new members, how to find harmony?
  • How to rebuild a team after a transformation?
  • New team, new CoDir: how to be more efficient? How to optimize decision-making ?

Conflict, stress

  • Team under pressure, stress, resignations, how to find serenity?
  • Find your own conflict resolution solutions, use conflict as a resource
  • How to overcome the scars left by the history of the team?
  • Finding ways to work together after a big clash

Team Offer

I support teams to become aware of their strengths, weaknesses, operating methods, to find areas for improvement relevant to them, and to implement them on a daily basis.

Thus, teams become more aware of what characterizes them, of their ability to mobilize these strengths in more complex periods.

They elaborate, in collective intelligence , their ways of being in relationship, when changes destabilize them. Thus, they gain in efficiency, energy, tolerance, pleasure to work together, agility and to find innovative solutions to challenging or confusing external solicitations.

The company then gains in efficiency and profitability through better alignment and responsiveness to hazards or complexity.