Emotional field in coaching

Just this morning I was amazed by the ability of my client’s pet to be connected to its inner state.
And to serve as a revealer, or mirror of this emotional state.

Now that coaching or supervision sessions are regularly held via zoom, at my clients’ homes, pets are entering the coaching dance. 

Photo credit: CLabate; THorudko

Coaching of leaders and managers – coaching of meaning or performance?

Professional coaching is known as a process that achieves #results. It provides #means, which support the improvement of #performance, especially in a relational space of security, with the neutral look and the open questioning of the coach.

What about the meaning you want to give to your action?
What is your particular signature as a team manager?

Photo Credit : A Grisard

Red buttons

The “red buttons” are the intolerances that trigger us emotionally, every time someone presses them or a situation confronts us.

These reactivities are at the root of many conflicts in teams.