Talk to each other verbally

I regularly observe a problem that massively affects my individual and collective clients: we no longer have time to talk to each other orally.

20 years ago when you called someone, you had a good chance that the person would pick up their phone. Or even responds to a written or voice message. 
Today it has become quite exceptional. Except in an emergency.
Generating its share of stress.

20 years ago when a company was called via the switchboard, a person in the flesh filtered or put in touch with the requested correspondent, according to the instructions given to him.
Today we come across a voice standard, which offers many options… As long as what is needed corresponds to one of the options !!! Or also sometimes on a saturated voicemail. 
Generating its share of stress.

With my eyes and my experience as a systemic coach, and I observe that it is when humans talk to each other, really, that questions are unraveled, that creativity is offered, on small things or more complex issues. 

What does this overload of tasks in days that are always only 24 hours, prevent?
What does it allow? 
What balance would it be interesting to strive for, both on the individual and systemic dimensions?
What have you done in the last 24 hours to nurture your 3 privileged relationships in your personal life, in your professional life?
And during these last 7 days?
What about your relationship with yourself?

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