Choosing your coach

This question comes up regularly, both on social networks and in discussions in companies or networks.

And that's an essential question!

This decision-making has a stake, that of the benefits that the coachee will be able to obtain from his commitment to a coaching course. The benefits of coaching are also spread throughout the company, in particular thanks to a coaching phasing, the rule of the art of the profession.

Several approaches of choice can be considered, as well as their combinations.

A professional certified by an independent body

When you buy a yogurt, it seems normal to have a guarantee as to its freshness, the continuity of the cold chain and its composition. Well, this could be a metaphor for a coaching purchase!

In France, official professional bodies certify professional coaches independently (without also being training organisations): ICF and EMCC.

The certification aims to assess:

  • the initial and continuing training of the coach, in particular by schools audited and recognized by the profession
  • reflection on professional practice, via individual or collective supervision
  • the analysis of the conformity of the practice with regard to a competency framework (attested by the provision of coaching sessions recorded in the initial ICF certification)
  • the number of hours of coaching practice
Certification renewed
every 3 years ICF, 5 years EMCC
Associate Certified Coach
Professional Certified Coach
Master Certified Coach
Stages of expertiseexercise start coachesconfirmed coachesexpert coaches
35,000 ICF professional coaches in 2021, including 800 in France60%40%0.4%
hours of coaching training required> 60> 125> 200
hours of coaching practice required>100> 500> 2500
The stages of expertise of the Professional Coach, according to the ICF reference system

A coach with whom you have experienced a session

Trust your intuition too. The relationship of trust is essential to the coaching process. Do a first session or a discovery interview and then determine yourself for a commitment in a coaching course.

A referenced coach

A coach who is recommended to you by your network or who can provide coaching references from former clients.