With or without breaks?

What happens in your body and brain when you go through the meetings?

This illustration shows the stress levels measured by the intensity of beta waves in the brain.

The first line shows what happens when you move from one meeting to another.

The second line shows what happens with a small pause between each meeting.

Concretely, in the first case, the subject moves from one meeting to another without interruption. His body and brain are in constant activity, and the level of stress accumulates.

In the second configuration, there are brief breaks between meetings. There is alternation of the phases of activation, and slowdown and recovery.

What do you think is the state of energy of the person at the end of the day in each case?

What configuration are you in? On the scale of the day, the week, the month, the year?

What are your routines between meetings? How do you pay attention to yourself?

One of the tools I use makes it possible to make objective measurements of how your body spontaneously manages these alternations, in different situations of stimulation and return to calm. A way to discover yourself exciting for all the customers I have supported until today in this proposal 😉

If you’re curious about more, let’s take a moment to discuss it.