60 minutes to celebrate

You have 60 minutes for yourself

  • Phase 1

Settle down with several sheets of paper and a pen -material details are important, because they stimulate better brain connections !-
Start a timer for 20 minutes.
Write, on the front of the sheets, continuously, in the flow, -without re-reading or correcting-, starting by ” In 2022, I celebrate…”
When timer rings, just finish your sentence.
Then, during 1 minute, close your eyes, connect to you inner feeling, the circle the 3 most important words to you.

  • Phase 2

Same process, starting by “In 2023, I wish…” 
In 1 minute, connect to you inner feeling, and circle the 3 emerging words

  • Phase 3

In 1 minute, write down a sentence with the 6 circled words.

  • Phase 4

In the remaining time : How are you going to settle what has emerged ?