Agnès Grisard

Performance comes from blending expertise and relationship skills.

For 13 ans, I have been supporting Leaders –Executives, Managers, Experts,- and Teams in complex changes, through human and relationship skills.

Leaders’ and Teams’ issues are to realign after having been unbalanced, and build strategies to adapt individually and collectively.

In the first half of my career, as an engineer and project manager, I rapidly discover my natural taste to onboard teams toward a shared goal. At the time, I deal with environmental issues, closely linked to quality and security issues.

Specifically, I am working with different intelligence sources, that I blend : brain via neurosciences, body via somatic approaches and improvisation.
This approach helps develop cognitive and behavioral ressources, and adapt to complexity.

Coaching, for what?

  • Increase team efficiency
    • Better work with people from other areas of expertise: Business, Technical, Information Systems, Finance, Operations, Legal…
    • Work better in heterogeneous teams: Old-New, different cultures, different languages, different places…
    • Better work and manage remotely
  • Dealing with complexity
    • new markets, growth or hyper-growth…
    • innovation
    • professional repositioning
    • managing difficult relationships
    • find your levers of action, to reduce stress and increase well-being
    • working remotely
    • develop your business (TPE)
  • Harmonizing relationships
    • Develop leadership
    • Managing conflict

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching is a process of accompaniment, based on the emergence of useful and relevant solutions to the coachee – whether individual or collective – who wishes to overcome obstacles or blockages and find new resolution strategies.
The coachee then gains in understanding of what is at stake in the relationship – to oneself and to the other -, the perception of weak signals -before the situation escalates-, he develops his skills in relationship management and his autonomy to address the next changes. 
It is also a process that leads to the concrete implementation of the solutions developed.


The quality of my coaching services is certified by ICF via an external CERTIFICATION PCC Professional Coach Certificate, a guarantee of professionalism, initial and continuous training, supervised practice.
And I am committed to compliance with the code of ethics, including the establishment of a coaching contract specifying the terms of coaching, confidentiality and unconditional respect for people.

I work in French and English.

Ma touche personnelle : 

Contribuer à créer plus d’harmonie individuelle et collective, par la connaissance de soi et de la relation et leur incarnation au quotidien.