Certification, accreditation, what are we talking about?

This article completes the article: Coaching & Quality

LinkedIn profiles are full of terms describing the skills of Coaches, and this is good news: the profession works to ensure that its members, working according to the rules of the art, are recognizable.

However, the terms used do not always mean the same thing, according to the source. Here are synoptic illustrations to find your way around quickly.

The next article will detail the 8 key competences.

The professional development criteria are for ICF the number of hours of training, the number of hours of coaching, and for EMCC, the number of hours of coaching, the number of clients, years of experience.
As can be seen in the synoptic illustrations, the thresholds for passing from one stage to another differ.
However, they participate in the visibility of measurable elements of the coach’s development.

The challenge of the profession today is to link even better measurable elements to the maturity of the coach.

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