Coaching of leaders and managers – coaching of meaning or performance?

Professional coaching is known as a process that achieves #results. It provides #means, which support the improvement of #performance, especially in a relational space of security, with the neutral look and the open questioning of the coach.

What if, in our world of increasing complexity and uncertainty, you switched to coaching #sens?
In a coaching space, you give yourself time to think, overcome pitfalls, elaborate, see things differently, imagine new resolution strategies.

What about the meaning you want to give to your action?Your particular signature as a #manager, #dirigeant, team?

Examples of coaching results for directors and managers:

  • in taking up the position, imagine and give oneself the means to manage both the immediacy of taking information on the files, to get to know the managed team and the transversal stakeholders and also the need to develop the strategy and to steer the action
  • in a well-known and comfortable position, dare to respond to a call to take a higher hierarchical position, clarifying one's resources, desires and needs
  • develop leadership, through a better knowledge of oneself, the drivers and brakes of his team, mechanisms generating conflict and resolution strategies
  • prepare for retirement, after a committed, rich and nourishing professional life… imagine the meaningful sequel