SuperVision Group of Coaches

A supervisory group is a group of professional coaches, who work together to develop their coaching skills.

For whom?

  • individual coaches
  • team coaches
  • after initial training
  • a group of 4 to 6 coaches

For what?

  • continue his coaching development
    • refine your tools, rediscover those you have left for a long time
    • discover the tools of other coaches, co-create tools
    • work on concrete situations with clients
    • make links with the skills of the ICF or EMCC professional repositories and the ethics of coaching
  • have a regular appointment, with yourself and with the group
    • benefit from collective intelligence
    • experiment, in a secure setting
  • benefit from modelling, learning through observation and experimentation
  • shape your unique way of being a coach

As in this sculpture, the coaches welcome each other, and reflect -both senses -think & reflect- via the group, in a dynamic that allows to explore and develop.

Welcoming – Chloé Desrousseaux – temporary exhibition museum Paul Belmondo Boulogne Billancourt- photo credit AGrisard

The specificities of the An-Dante Group SuperVision

  • use of voice, body and emotions for connection to oneself and relationship, amplify the skills of Presence to oneself and to the other
  • use of varied and creative approaches and tools to access different intelligences, cognitive, summative, work with the unconscious and to connect the relationship in the group and with its clients, such as Co-Development, embodiment leadership, exercises from signal and channel theory, the work of WorldWorks Worlds, systemic constellations, creative writing techniques…

In plain language

The commitment is made over a year, with 10 appointments of 2 hours, from October to July. The meetings take place by video, on the third Monday afternoon of the month (the precise agenda is defined at the beginning of the year).

Cost: 1 000 € HT

To access the SuperVision An-Dante group, a preliminary appointment is made with Agnès Grisard, to clarify the expectations of the coach, and his commitment to the year. Then a contract is co-signed.

In a typical SuperVision session

  • we define the way of being together that will be fruitful, and we experience our ways of embodying it, of personifying it through harmonization exercises,
  • we define the topics that are brought by the coaches,
  • we define the priorities to choose together the subject that will be deepened,
  • we carry out the work in collective intelligence that multiplies the resources,
  • we conclude on the implementation of everyone's discoveries and learnings.

Words from coaches who have had experiences of vocal harmonization

An internal massage by the resonance of sound

Beautiful vibration and reliance, thank you Agnès!

Creating a larger interior space and lightness

The search for harmony in vibrations and a pleasant feeling bodily speaking

A certain intimacy

The supervichant 😉

Thank you Agnes, nice exercise and welcome!

Thank you for this sound relaxation

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