Agnès Grisard's Coaching Approach

expert appraisal

Expert in the relationship to oneself and to the other, I rely on different tools and approaches that I mix and combine in the service of the objectives of my clients, individual and collective:

Through the alternation of questioning, modeling, cognitive and behavioral exercises and transfer in their daily environment, coachees or teams are led to discover new resolution strategies, serving their coaching objectives. The combination of these different approaches makes the development of Leadership complex and the transformation of the relationship to oneself and to the other, powerful and accessible to all.

Coaching tools

Finely clarify its drivers of behavioral dynamics -personality traits-, its brakes and its ability to adapt to complexity.

Individual uses: repositioning professionally, developing leadership, going beyond milestones by building new cognitive and behavioral strategies, finding a post-burnout balance.
Collective uses: develop a common language and develop coherent communication and action strategies.


Voice Embodiment & Leadership