Coaches competencies according to ICF and EMCC

I coach as I am – I coach as I am

This reality is absolutely fundamental.
The tools of the coaches are also essential.
However, it is mainly the way they are used that has an impact. And the variety available to the coach, allows to get out of the adage “for a hammer, everything is nail”.

Thus, the competency frameworks of professional coaches make it possible to evaluate skills on explicit and shared criteria.
They are also benchmarks that allow the coach to measure his progress in his professionalization and his ability to accompany coaching situations of increasing complexity.
These abilities of the coach are also related to his own development, in the sense of adult development.

The two professional associations of coaches ICF and EMCC have written standards, which, if they present differences, are also very consistent.
In addition, the ICF standard was rewritten in 2020, in order to be in better adequacy with the results of the research conducted by the association.

Reference of the ICF 8 coach competencies
Reference of EMCC 8 coach competencies

Are you a coach? How do you appropriate these skills, to live them on a daily basis?

Are you a coaching client or buyer? How do these skills resonate in your choice?