SuperVision Stories #2

In a supervision space, supervisor and supervised(s) explore elements of coaching.
Let's focus here on the state of satisfaction of the coach at the end of the session.

A subject of supervision that comes up regularly is that of the dissatisfaction of the coach at the end of a session. He felt too much this, not enough that…

The exchange that is established during the supervision allows the coach to formulate clearly where he is, and to engage in a reflective analysis allowing him to identify on the one hand the positive elements and on the other hand the elements that could be improved. From this analysis, cold, and objectified by the eyes of the supervisor, can arise concrete and operational avenues for improvement.

In this process, the coach works on his competence "facilitates the growth of the client" (competence 8) and develops his internal supervisor, activatable at any time, outside the supervision sessions.

He learns for himself to clarify his learning and action plans, his drivers and obstacles, as well as the recognition that he can carry himself on his successes.All these elements can be transposed into his relationship with his client.

Les 8 compétences des Coachs dans el référentiel ICF

Compétences du référentiel ICF