SuperVision Stories #3

In a supervision space, supervisor and supervised(s) explore elements of coaching. 
Let's focus here on the state of resourcing of the coach at the end of the session.

Supervision is also a space to recharge, catch your breath, reconnect with yourself, take the time to exercise your reflexivity.

Autumn is here with its procession of fallen fallen leaves, its chestnuts and its incredible sunrises. And its change of energy.

This change of energy emerges in relationships and especially in supervision, in various forms, conflicts, fatigue, the feeling of being overwhelmed, of consuming more than the available energy…

Naturally, this season is one of harvesting and preparing for the next season. The transition between summer and winter. Light changes in nature and quantity. The number of daytime hours decreases in favor of night hours, since the summer solstice, and today the morning awakening is at night. Winter colds are triggered, and this year are all the more virulent as our immunity has been less solicited these last two winters via the restrictions of social brewing.

  • What does this period invite you to?
  • What does autumn evoke for you?
  • What is your collection?
  • How do you arrange your interior for this period? What does your exterior look like? (competence 5)
  • What do you offer your coachees in this particular period?
  • How do your awareness resonate in your coaching space? (competence 7)
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