SuperVision Stories #5

In a supervision space, supervisor and supervised(s) explore elements of coaching. 

Let’s focus here on the status of the Contract in the session.

Supervision and coaching are privileged moments to experiment and think about the installation and maintenance of the coaching contract (competence 3).

A coach wants to work on her discomfort with coachees who do not engage or not really engage in their coaching.

We explore how it installs and proposes engagement. On very concrete aspects, such as the coaching contract, the moments of adjustment, as well as on relational aspects, in particular the coach’s brakes to question this space of the coaching relationship.

What is your freedom to question your client about their real goals (Competence 7)?

  • To work with your discomfort, your fear of losing the customer because it goes wrong? Your emotional governances – avoidances, compensations, values – in ANC language.
  • To work with a client who “abuses”: who postpones his appointments repeatedly, who pays late, who arrives late, who does not do what he had committed to do in his action plan, who changes his objective, who “goes in all directions”…
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