SuperVision Stories #6

In a supervision space, supervisor and supervised(s) explore elements of coaching. 

Let's focus here on the state of Trust and Security in the session.

Supervision and coaching are privileged moments to experiment and think about the installation of confidence and security in the coaching space (competence 4).

The trust and security of the coaching or supervision space is essential. Indeed, difficult to address sensitive subjects, if you do not feel safe, or if you have slept badly, or if you are hungry. Indeed, our brain manages priorities! 
The need for security is a fundamental level of Maslow's Pyramid, which when filled makes it possible to address the following, those of social connections, the need for fulfillment and the need for self-realization. 

  • How do you clarify with your client his needs, on each floor, and more particularly in terms of relational security and trust?
  • How do you embody these skills?
  • How do you perceive warning signs of insecurity or lack of trust?
  • What do you do with these signals?
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