Coaching as a provocative art ?

Coaching : an art ?

An art, since beyond materials, approches and tools, the coach coaches as they are. Like a sculptor, modeling clay with their hands, heart and imagination.

Photo credit : A Grisard

Coaching : a provocation ?

A provocation, since coaching process, brought and held by the coach, provoques the emergence of something that will be useful to the client, to their path toward their objectives.

This is a subtle art, navigating between clean questioning, questioning with a voice that will allow the emergence of something else, that neither coach or client already know, in a shared responsibility.

The coache’s material is questioning, body signals, voice, openness, curiosity.

The client often tends to choose a coach that ressembles them, because what is known is reassuring : a woman engineer, a director, an international carrier… However the coach’s eyes are thrived by their neutrality and difference.

The coach combines creation and holding of a safe container, an unconditional welcome for the client and what they are bringing, confrontation to otherness, provoking creativity and emergence.

Like any craftsperson, a coach works with how they are, and their human development allows more provocation and creativity, one day after another.

Those competencies are developed though numerous sources, including supervision.

Freely inspired from Coaching as a Provocative Activity  – Bill Critchley