Spring roses a metaphor for change

Spring roses sprung in my face as I was walking a couple of days ago, as a metaphor for change in a team.

Flower are like early leapers.
Bids are like bridge holders.
Thorns are like tradition holders.

Early leapers are at ease with change, and as blossomed roses, they have already undergone a change process. It happened earlier and quicker than the other membres of the team.

Bridge builders, like bids, are on their way to change, bridging plant and blossomed flower, during the life time of the rose bush. They are making round trips from past situation to future situation.

Tradition holders are protectors to the bush, they check wether change is good or bad to the team, they question, confront…

From a neuroscientist point of view, those roles are supported by

  • personality traits
    • pleasure for anticipation, or immediate pleasure
  • and also by triggers activated in change situations
    • displeasure or even aversion for unknown, or routine

As in this metaphor, those three roles toward change in a team are useful to the team. But they consider change from different points of view.

A team just like a rose bush is a living entity.
Team coaching supports the team to cope with change, with their different views, speeds, assets, capacities.
Like a gardener to the bush, who fertilizes, waters, tightens, props…
Team coaching brings more awareness in the team, and, as a consequence, a better capacity ton onboard.

If you think of a change situation you are experiencing, what roles are you endorsing ?
When, Why ?
What roles are you noticing in your team ?
What do you need to help this rose bush to thrive ?